Brag a Little on Your Resume
Brag a Little on Your Resume

The other day I was working with a client who started a comment with “I don’t like to brag but….” I laughed and told her that her resume was one place where she should never worry about bragging. A little bit of bragging goes a long way in making your resume stand out from the competition.

What type of bragging is most beneficial on a resume?

Exceeding goals. Your company set a goal of a 5% increase in sales and you reached 8%. (You get credit whether you individually or your team exceeded the goal.)

Taking on responsibility. You were asked to join or lead a team as 1 out of several dozen (or several thousand) eligible employees.

Receiving an award. You were Employee of the Month or selected to the President’s Circle in a previous or current job.

Earning a patent, publishing a paper, or presenting. These achievements belong on your resume.

Succeeding where no one else could. Two previous people in your position were unable to solve the problem, but you solved it. (Don’t forget to explain how.)

Being recommended for training. Your prior company invested the time and money to have you attend special training courses.

Breaking through silos. Companies appreciate employees who can talk to executives, explain technical information to nontechnical staff, collaborate with vendors, and make customers happy.

Introducing a new process or product. You set up the company’s first website; you developed the packaging for the company’s newest product; you recommended new software that improved efficiency.

Surviving. You were retained after a merger. You turned around a failing region or division. You saw the company through economic hard times.

All of the above are good reasons to brag on your resume. In fact, companies are very interested in hearing about your achievements and successes. So go ahead: boast a little.